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Marketing and Sales Services

The Worth of Your Franchise

FRANCHISEWARE Marketing and Sales is a proven system that will help you sell more franchises and build your pipeline. As a new or emerging franchisor, the process to develop your pipeline and recruiting your first franchisees can be challenging. Figuring out how to generate leads, what you can and can’t say to prospects, and how to close a deal is all part of a learning process.

We offer you the ability to gradually learn these skills through our Franchise Genesis Marketing and Sales program. We will also keep you from feeling lost and overwhelmed by providing the support of our team of experts who have refined the models used for selling and marketing franchise opportunities over the years.

What does our Franchise Sales Support Program imply?

The following items are intended to assist you in positioning your business or brand for franchise growth. They do not replace the need for franchise development, but supplement this work and will assist in streamlining the process of taking the organization from where it is today to the franchise marketplace.

Lead Generation Management

  • We use several channels to generate leads for our clients:
  • Your brand will be highlighted on our Franchise Opportunities page.
  • SEO is particularly designed to locate franchise applicants.
  • Access to leading franchise matchmaking networks

Lead Follow Up

We are focused on making sure our prospects are satisfied customers. If a lead comes in, someone from our sales team will reach out and introduce themselves. If we don't receive a response after a few attempts to get a hold of them, we won't stop until they're ready to talk.

Lead Qualification

This questionnaire is a simple way to find out if this job will fit your goals and help you reach your dreams. Not only that, your answers will further our understanding of your needs and skills, making it easier to match you with our clients. We want the best for you and know this is a good opportunity.

Candidate Discovery Process

The Franchise Disclosure Document is an independent description of your business, which the franchisee must receive before they enter into any contract with you. The FDD contains all the most important business and legal information that a franchisee needs to know before making a decision to purchase a franchise. 

Candidate Introduction to Franchisor

The purpose of the Discovery Call is to fully disclose the opportunity and make sure you and the Franchisor are a good fit. As with any transaction, it's important to understand all aspects of the deal. Additionally, we'll be able to answer any questions about the business model, costs, fees and compensation opportunity.

In contrast to Sales and Marketing Support, our program offers the following services:

Ongoing Support

  1. Checklist
  2. Creating a Successful Support Team
  3. Communication and assistance for franchisees
  4. Ensure system standards

Ongoing evaluation of the client's franchise marketing and sales strategy

Marketing audit per year




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