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How Franchise Partner Works

The Franchise Partner Program allows franchisors to increase their web presence, gain additional exposure in a wide cross-section of the Franchise Brokerage Community, and can even generate targeted leads directly from your corporate website for you to keep for yourself! If you are a franchisor that relies on the Referral Partners to grow your brand, you should consider enrolling in our Partner program.
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Partnering Benefits

  1. We’ll create and place your beautifully and fully-branded ad on 2 franchise portals. ​​You’ll reach many qualified franchise seekers with your brand message
  2. For every lead that these portals generate, approximately 2 people will read your ad and perform a Google search and end up on your corporate website instead of responding to the franchise portal ad. This is free and very targeted site traffic for you.
  3. You’ll also appear along side your competition. Why should they get all the love? The more positive exposure on the world wide web further helps your brand image, period!​​
  4. Brokers from virtually all brokerage networks will receive these leads along with a special message from you about your brand. Consider it a 2-minute drill page for brokers to learn about your brand that is actually attached to the lead email that the broker receives. ​​
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Strategic Marketing seminar

We’ll blast our entire Franchise Broker Database (hundreds of brokers from all networks) about your brand twice a year and are happy to work with you to craft a broker-explicit message that will impact them to improve references. Your message will be read and disguised by your Referral Partners since we are covering the quantity of franchisors that can participate in this program to 20 franchisors! ​You won’t be a single voice mixed in with hundreds and hundreds of other brands!



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Lead Generation Packages


$ 1299 Monthly
  • 8-15 Pre-Qualified Leads With Expected 40%Conversion Ratio
  • Telemarketing Leads
  • LinkedIn Lead Appoiments
  • 50 Leads List Open To Opportunities Candidates
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Cold Out Reach
  • Business Branding /Articles/Social Ads/Brand Videos
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Reports
  • Free 5 Pages Website
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$ 1699 Monthly
  • 15-20 pre-qualified leads with expected 40%conversion ratio
  • paid Portals Leads
  • Telemarketing Leads
  • LinkedIn Lead Appoiments
  • 50 Leads List Open to Opportunities Candidates
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Branding /Articles/Social Ads/Brand Videos
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly reports
  • Free 7 Pages Website
Your franchise message will all the more adequately arrive at intermediaries, mentors, specialists and new potential franchisees.. You’ll also get the benefit of having a bigger web presence and getting your message alongside your competition. We have limited spots in this program and once we reach a level that is in balance with our broker clients, we’ll stop adding new clients. To get started today, please call us at +1 702 536 8481 or email us at