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Intent Data

Data on Buyer Intent

Find buyers who are ready to buy

Franchiseware Intent Data helps identify current accounts that are actively searching for your product or service, along with their likely timing of purchase. Use this information to target key decision-makers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Take a peek at the NEW data quality standard

Franchiseware’s B2B contact data is used by over 1,000 revenue teams to help them reach more target accounts and contacts.

Why users choose Franchiseware:

1000+ customers have seen success using Franchiseware to achieve their goals

Prioritize and personalize outreach to accounts that are available in market

Deliver the ultimate solution with buyer intent data, so you can deliver your next buyer the answers they are searching for right now. We’ve partnered with Flawless Franchising LLC, on turning the idea of perfect business model or PPC data into an actionable insights platform that can anticipate their needs, problems, and questions. You will be able to uncover trending topics across a broad range of verticals, search trends by day of week, source/mediums of conversions along with brand level scores.

Immediately Actionable

Link the people from your marketing and sales data to build more complete profiles of existing customers. This helps you identify buyer intent signals across departments and build personalized customer experiences.

Take advantage of warm opportunities

Identify potential customers early in their decision-making process and reach them using phone, email, social media, or paid advertising. See who is researching solutions similar to yours and start conversations with key decision-makers at those companies. When these companies are ready to buy from you, they will reach out to the people who have already identified themselves as qualified candidates for your solution.

Personalized involvement increases relevance

Franchiseware combines your firmographic, techno-graphic, and intent data to target prospects more effectively. By working with Franchiseware, you can find new accounts, build relationships with the right prospects in your target accounts and send more personalized messages.

Accelerate your sales cycle

Identify early-stage sales opportunities and reach them using phone, email, social media or paid advertising. Determine which companies are researching similar solutions to yours (identify decision-makers in key accounts) and start conversations with them. When they become ready to buy, they will contact the people who have already identified themselves as ideal candidates for your solution.




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